Saturday, August 27, 2016

Can I Wear Pastel Goth/Fairy Kei/Lolita Fashion in Public?

You've laid out your outfit for the next day, it's your first real day of wearing something "out of the ordinary". Something creepy, maybe something cute, maybe even both (I prefer it that way!). You're super excited for the next day to rock your new look. You lay in bed and try to rattle off the compliments you're expecting to receive the next day. You couldn't be more pumped up! 

Suddenly, you're starting to doubt yourself, little pecks of insecurities pop into your head. What if someone doesn't like it? What if someone calls you, "scene" or worse, "an ita", you cringe at the thought of it. Maybe you shouldn't wear that elaborate outfit the next day...maybe you should just wear some jeans and a t-shirt, like everyone else does. People like you the way you are, so why change, right? What if they start to not like you?

STOP right there! Stop overthinking! 

Seriously, I don't understand where this always from, but I tend to get questions relating to, "How can you wear that in public?" and, "Aren't you worried about being criticising you?" quite often, more often than I wish. 

I'm wearing clothing I like, and if anyone else likes it, great! If not, who cares? Do I dress to impress others? No. I dress to make myself happy. Somedays I'll fancy up into a full lolita victorian coordinate, others I'll throw on one of my Dad's old megadeath shirts and pull on some ripped jeans and call it a day. Yeah, my style isn't exactly consistent, but again, who cares? 

If you're dressing for somebody else, you're wasting your money and I can promise you that. It doesn't matter what's "in fashion", or what's "so last year". Just remember that during the Elizabeth area in Great Britain people actually used to stuff their clothes to create an appearance of a bigger tummy and bigger arms and legs (called bombasting! look it up! it's quite funny!). Or think about the popularized hobbleskirt at the end of the 20th century! It was literally popular for the use of slowing down and appressing women! The creator actually said, "Yes, I freed the bust...but I shackled the legs!".

So, to simplify this question. Can I wear _____ in public? Well, is it sexual? Is it showing too much nudity? Is it illegal? Is it appropriate attire for the occasion? If you said yes to all of these questions, then you're good to go!

Fashion trends are simply fads that come and go. Let's say, wearing a plastic bag for a dress was a new fad starting today! Okay, so everybody is wearing these horrid plastic dresses now. If you like them, great! Wear them. If you don't, and you're simply buying it to fit in. And in doing that, you've basically wasted your time and money because maybe a week from now everyone will be saying those dresses are out of style again. Just like with the hobbleskirt and bombasting!

So please, if you can honestly take anything from this blog post... Know that it doesn't matter what you wear as long as it makes YOU happy. If you spend your entire life trying to make everybody else like you, then you're wasting time...Sorry to break it to you!

So, what do you think about the hobbleskirt and bombasting? Is there any other crazy fads you've heard of either in the past, or currently? I know, I've seen a lot of crazy trends on the runway recently, and I don't even spend a lot of time looking at fashion! I'd love to learn about other crazy fads that I happened to have missed! 

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