What is Pastel Pandemic?

Hi, hi! Welcome to Pastel Pandemic, a blog dedicated to the study, interest, and perfection of pastel/fairy kei/Japanese/Lolita/the outlandish, basically anything that's not traditional in american eyes, fashion. Here you’ll  be able find helpful articles on how to improve your wardrobe, handle costs, and live a pastel lifestyle. Here, I will cover anything from handling summer heat with a thick wardrobe, to where to buy cheap quality kawaii clothes! 

 What's my Mission Statement?

 I want this blog to be all about my nontraditional fashion, for the average person who can't exactly spend over $200 on a simple JSK. This is not Lolita 101, or anything like that. I do know more than I let off, about fashion, but I'm not an expert. I will be doing a lot of research for posts on this blog, and I will be spending a lot of time in design and writing for it, as well. This blog is for the more seasoned magickal girl/guy, somewhere between grand princess/prince and noob. I know a thing of two, I know not to show the edge of my petticoat and how to buy quality clothes, as well as not getting caught up in cheat products! I want for every girl/guy out there who sees some of herself/himself in me, to be able to relate and learn from my mistakes! I'm always here to answer the questions with easy tutorials and kawaii lessons based off experience, and submissions! 

Pastel Pandemic 

Why the name Pastel Pandemic? Well, this blog is about several things: light and delicate fashion, problems that arise in dressing non traditionally, and the wide spread or outbreak of this type of fashion! I guess you can say, the title is sort of metaphorical, and ironic. But hey, that's just me! I want to express the tinsy tiny tidbits of beauty in a monotonous society are similar to charms on a bracelet; 'ittle ornaments that add character to an otherwise cookie-cutter block of jewelry.

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